The Cambridge YLE MOVERS examination is what we could describe as level A1.2 or, according to Cambridge, A1 level and has been designed especially for very young learners.

The YLE MOVERS provides our young learners with a second (after STARTERS) opportunity to familiarize with the idea of the examinations, while at the same time it may serve as an excellent way of assessing the progress made by our young students throughout the school year. Language schools usually incorporate this examination preparation in their syllabus.

The YLE MOVERS comprises three parts:

Reading & Writing 30 minutes
Listening25 minutes
Speaking5 to 7 minutes

The Speaking Examination is carried out by a speaking examiner especially trained to make this one-to-one speaking examination an age-related, fun activity.

The written parts of the examination are graded in Cambridge.

The results are represented with a number of Cambridge shields for each of the three parts of the examination and there can be between 1 and 5 shields allocated depending on the candidate’s performance. What’s more, based on the candidate’s performance Cambridge provide an analysis of the strengths of the candidate along with advice on the areas that need improvement, as well as on how to work towards this improvement. In other words Cambridge have gone beyond the mere testing and into the realm of counselling.

Although participation in the MOVERS examination cannot be considered a requirement, we at QLS maintain that it is quite beneficial for the young learners, which is why we often subsidise participation handsomely in an attempt to offer our students and our teachers the opportunity to prove the outcomes of their hard work.

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