We are Cambridge GR801.

GR801 is the number that Cambridge allocated to our Centre in 2004, when it was to be made the first Cambridge Centre ever in Greece, besides the British Council.

GR801 was originally a Closed Centre offering its exams only to students of QLS member-schools. The first GR801 exams ran in May 2004 and since then thousands of students have sat their Cambridge examinations with us. As the QLS (Quality in Language Services) name implies, its exams have become yet another service that we strive to provide with the highest quality in mind.

Recently Cambridge changed the GR801 status into an approved Open Cambridge Examination Centre, which means that we now offer our services to people outside the ranks of QLS, as well. However, our main focus on the provision of excellence to all candidates remains, and although we will not actively promote this Open Centre service, we are happy to accommodate non-member language schools or individual candidates.


We endeavour to offer participating schools the highest quality and most convenient examinations service (in terms of time and location), as well as easy access to training materials.