Being the child of QLS – a non for profit Organisation – GR801 is also devoid of any profit-making incentives. This means that we can provide services that other examination Centres cannot, such as UMS exams at all the published dates, LMS and YLE on any day the school chooses. What’s more since 2022 we offer QLS members the capability of running exams with even one single candidate.

At QLS we strongly believe in training our students from an early age, not only to accept assessment and evaluation of their progress, but also to enjoy and seek it. We have found that we can achieve this through encouraging all our students to sit the Cambridge Young Learner Examinations (YLE) at Starters (pre-A1), Movers (A1) and Flyers (A2) levels. We are so convinced that this is the best way forward that we handsomely subsidise the fees of our Young Learner candidates.

Through this “nobody fails” kind of YLE examinations, children learn to deal with assessment and to reflect in their work throughout the year. What’s more they are given an aim and a compass to follow, which will help them become “aware” learners. Aware learners today, independent learners tomorrow! 

We also encourage and facilitate Computer Based Exams (CB), a method which seems to bring tomorrow into the present.

Last but not least we organize our exams in small convenient and friendly venues where the candidates feel at home and at ease and thus able to perform their best.