Mission Statement

We endeavour to offer participating schools the highest quality and most convenient examinations service (in terms of time and location), as well as ease of access to training materials.

The reasons WHY the QLS Exams Club is a perfect choice:

  1. Member Schools enjoy ON DEMAND examinations in almost all levels
  2. Small groups of candidates are not an issue
  3. Member Schools can use venues of their choice
  4. Speaking Examinations are organised when most convenient for schools
  5. Local EDS (Exam Day Staff) is trained and engaged as a rule
  6. Online Speaking Mock Tests are provided by engaging real examiners
  7. Online Mock Tests are provided and performance reports are sent to members
  8. Computer-based Exams are available to all who have a Computer Lab available
  9. Member Schools enjoy a prompt and friendly service
  10. Member Schools deal directly with the Examinations Manager
  11. Candidates are offered Training Webinars
  12. A large number of Sample Papers are made available to teachers
  13. Member Schools are provided with Promotional Support Kits