If you are one of the candidates already registered to participate in one of the examinations due to run soon, you may use this link to log into the QLS Exams CLUB area, where you will find your exam support kit with practice tests, advice and other goodies that will help you along the way to the exam. Your QLS school will provide you with the necessary access codes.

If you are a private candidate and you are interested in sitting a Cambridge examination with us, please contact the QLS main office in Athens on 210 692 9463 or at qls@qls.gr.

We will respond and let you know of your nearest venue and the dates available. If the venue and dates are suitable, we will also provide you with information on how to register and you will be welcome to join us.

Useful materials for Candidates

Free online placement test

A1 & A2
B1 & B2
C1 High Pass mark
C2 Pass mark
C2 High Pass mark
The level of a good non-native English Teacher
University educated native speaker

FAQ of candidates